What is CrossFit?

CrossFit (845) Defined.

What is CrossFit? You have probably heard some information about CrossFit, but maybe you aren’t completely clear what it is. By its very founding principles, CrossFit started as a fitness plan to counter some of the conventional “wisdom” of large gyms and fitness chains.

Walk on the treadmill… annnnndddd repeat every day or two for 30 years… eck… Instead of boring routines that the average person will dread doing everyday (or dread so much they’ll stop going to the gym), CrossFit focuses on movements and workouts that change all the time, making it fun and exciting to exercise and get healthy. (Ha. Yes we’re serious. It’s exciting!)

The Short Definition of CrossFit

Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.

The three components that make up this definition will be examined later in this page.  First let’s try to understand how CrossFit came to its definition.

The 3 Major Points

Constantly Varied

Our bodies adapt very quickly to the stimulus placed on it.  If you only do 30-minute, low intensity jogs once in a while, your body will not be prepared should you need to run faster (or slower) or if you need to lift something heavy.

Since you’ve never trained your body to do something different (how many millions of people think “fitness” is hopping on a treadmill?) you body has adapted only to the stresses it encounters there and you’ll never grow in your health and fitness ability.

By constantly varying our workouts, we never let our bodies get comfortable with any set time, movement, intensity level, etc.  We attempt to change as many variables as possible and this makes us fitter.

Functional Movements

Humans are engineered to perform certain movements.  Remarkably enough, these movements are the ones we have used to survive since the beginning of mankind.  Lifting things from the ground, getting them to our chest, and then overhead, squatting, jumping, rowing, lunging are all “functional movements”.

If we told you you we’re going to squat, you might say, “But I don’t need to squat, I’m not an olympic weightlifter or a football player…” We’d reply, “Ah, okay… but do you plan on… driving in your car anytime soon? Plan on sitting down in the bathroom today? Sit at a desk for your job? Have dinner tonight?…” You squat (sit down stand up, repeat…) a hundred times a day and you’ll squat ten thousand times more throughout your life. Let CrossFit 845 teach you how to squat without pain and improve your health and wellness.

CrossFit 845 focuses on “functional movements.” Movements that make you better and more fit not only in our gym, but when you go home and live the rest of your life as well.

Higher Intensity

We set the stage for the body to perform well under those conditions by performing for as long as and intense as we can. We’ll get you out of your comfort zone and out of that “treadmill mentality”. Though we’ll only push you so far as you are capable and we’ll always scale a workout and class specifically for you. The 20 year old college athlete and the 60 year old office worker are not expected to move at the same speed, lift the same weight, or perform at the same intensity.

If you are still asking yourself ” What is CrossFit” or would like more information about CrossFit 845, please schedule your free trial class and fitness assessment with us Contact us today.