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Choose your adventure in one of our exhilarating classes! We’ve got something for every athlete from age 8 to 80 and beyond. See something you want to try but worried it might be "too tough?" Don’t fret. We scale every exercise to your ability. As your skills improve, so does the intensity of your workouts.

  • CrossFit

    Our main program and the foundation for our fitness community, CrossFit consists of constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movements. We use a number of fitness elements to improve all aspects of your health and fitness to get you in the best shape of your life. Your strength, stamina, speed, balance, coordination and flexibility will all improve substantially once you begin our CrossFit program.

    Our CrossFit classes consist of a Workout of the Day (WOD), where you’ll join your fellow classmates in exercises that change daily. You’ll never get bored with our CrossFit program, as each day’s activity provides something new and exciting. Classes are intentionally capped to prevent group sizes from becoming too large. This isn’t a “normal” gym where you’re only a number or a face in the crowd. Our CrossFit classes focus on creating a welcoming environment where you’ll receive personalized attention from our trainers and participate alongside other members cheering you on to be your best.

  • 6 Week Fitness Challenge

    Do you think CrossFit “just isn’t for me?” Our 6 Week Fitness Challenge program is an exciting introduction to all things CrossFit and a perfect way to get in shape, master your nutrition, and enjoy your workouts. We’ve made it our absolute highest priority to make sure you learn and execute all movements safely and efficiently. We add elements of nutritional coaching, goal setting, and community support to help you take charge of your fitness once and for all.

    Our 6 week program is a one time purchase with no long term commitment. It’s comprised of two weeks of “Foundations”, two weeks of “Lite” and two weeks of full CrossFit integration. You’ll never need to worry about the risk of serious injury because CrossFit 845 will teach you every proper movement and lift before we increase intensity or add weight. We scale everything to your ability and bring you along at a pace you feel comfortable with.

    In Foundations, you’ll take six classes in which we’ll teach you the fundamental movements of CrossFit along with basic skills, stretches, and mobility vital to safe and efficient fitness. And you will most certainly get a workout in during each class! In Lite,” you’ll now perform the same workouts as members who have been Crossfitting for a while, but at a much lower weight and with lower intensity. And in the final two weeks, you’ll take part in regular CrossFit classes, always with a trained coach right by your side.

    We will be hosting our next 6 Week Challenge at our Poughkeepsie location, starting Monday, June 12th. If you’ve been waiting to join CrossFit or have been on our waiting list, now is the time! Click here to learn more or contact us for more information.

  • Barbell

    For the CrossFit athlete looking to take things to the next level, we’ve created “Barbell”. This is a higher level class meant for athletes who have been involved in CrossFit for a while and are comfortable executing movements at a high level of weight and intensity. This class is intended to take your fitness level from a 10 to an 11 and includes heavy lifting (with a barbell) in every class across multiple lifts. It also includes a strong emphasis on gymnastic movements that may be seen as “too difficult” by some, such as hand-stand push-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups and muscle-ups.

  • Ladies Only CrossFit

    Nicknamed “Bra Sessions” our women only classes are designed exclusively with our female members in mind and focuses on building a strong core, thighs and glutes. Each class is jam packed with an hour of metabolic conditioning and strength exercises. Our female coaches ensure all in attendance enjoy the community of strong and healthy women in our CrossFit family. We welcome new female members to visit and enjoy an opportunity to work out in an exclusive female environment.

  • “Nutrition 845” – Begins Saturday, May 6th

    Exercise is only one part of creating a healthy life-style. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, tone your body or ease off medication, your diet and nutrition plays a substantial role. Are you doing enough to improve the food you eat and the nutrients you’re getting? If not, then consider adding a supplemental program to your CrossFit workout!

    Beginning Saturday, May 6th CrossFit 845 will be offering “Nutrition 845”, a formal nutrition program dedicated to improving your diet, mastering your sleep and gaining a better understanding of the fuel you’re putting in your body. Our program is six in person sessions, offered every other Saturday, in addition to the personal support and guidance you’ll receive throughout.

    Our  program covers dozens of different topics and is a great introductory program for those looking to take the next step to finally getting a handle on their nutrition. Spots are limited so reserve yours now by clicking here!

  • Olympic Lifting -(Coming Soon!)

    We offer Olympic Weightlifting classes as the perfect supplement for athletes seeking to develop explosive strength and power as well as improve speed, coordination and flexibility. Don’t be fooled by the sometimes-large exterior, Olympic lifters are some of the most flexible athletes in the world. This class can (and should) be utilized by men and women, young and old.

    Our focus is on the two formal Olympic lifts – the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch. We also use elements of the squat, press and deadlift to help you improve your form and add weight to the bar. Our Olympic Weightlifting classes will help you master proper technique as well as providing you with the training and edge you need should you want to pursue professional lifting as a sport.

  • CrossFit Teens (7th – 12th Grade)

    Specially designed for young athletes and soon-to-be athletes, this program is recommended for teens age 13 through 17. We teach proper technique and introduce light weight training exercises to the still-developing teenage body. Our goal is to prepare teens for a higher level of high school or college athletics, as well as preparing them to begin engaging in the regular CrossFit classes we offer. Teens will develop increased speed, strength and stamina as well as a better understanding of healthy lifestyle choices.

  • RX Target Practice – Sunday, June 4th

    ** Our next Goal Specific Class will be a one day Running Clinic taught by two incredibly talented and experienced athletes. Sunday, June 4th. Limited to 20 spots. Sign up here!

    If there’s even one movement in a workout you’re unable to do RX (as prescribed), then you’ll never get that sought after “RX” designation. Let’s change that! “RX Target Practice” is a separate class that’s laser focused on helping attendees achieve one specific movement they need additional help with so they can complete a workout RX. Besides your trainer, these classes group together only those who are trying to achieve the same movement or skill. This means you’ll be in the company of people just like yourself, who need a little extra help and encouragement if they don’t acquire the skill right away. You’ll target only one movement and focus on developing strength, coordination and speed that helps you achieve that technique.

  • Silver Seniors – (Coming Soon)!

    Don’t be fooled. We’ve got some tremendously fit members over 50, 60 and even 70 who run circles around athletes half their age. If you’ve thought about joining CrossFit but are a bit apprehensive working out alongside 20 and 30 year olds, this class is for you.

    “Silver Seniors” provides attendees with a workout featuring strength exercises, cardio training and improving flexibility – the same high quality training as our regular CrossFit classes, simply at a different pace and scale. This class is offered twice a week and is open to those over age 55 to create an environment for older members to become comfortable in CrossFit. The class is programmed to focus on aspects of fitness and body changes that may affect those over 55 a bit more. Our trainers will ensure you can move at your own pace and within your own limitations. If you are recovering from injury or think you may be more prone to one, don’t give up on your health, wellness and fitness routine. Join us for a “Silver Seniors” class and you’ll feel safe and secure in our custom-built environment.

  • 845 Adventures

    Coming Soon!

  • Kid Fit (2nd – 6th Grade)

    A fun and energizing fitness program we’ve created for children ages 6 through 12, “Kid Fit” teaches kids the importance of proper form and movement to ensure they’ll have sufficient knowledge as they grow and move on to other sports and exercises. We incorporate elements most kids enjoy anyway such as running and jumping to create a program they’ll look forward to coming to. We strive to create a community within the kids that builds their self-confidence while encouraging them to respect one another and cheer on their fellow classmates.

  • Yoga – (Coming Soon)!

    Proper rest, recovery and flexibility are the keys to creating a healthy body and a healthy mind. Our yoga classes are taught by a certified yoga instructor and are the perfect complement to any of the programs we offer at CrossFit 845. Our classes focus on mobility and creating strength within your core. Yoga will help you stay fit and improve your overall well-being.

  • CrossFit Team Competition – (Coming Soon!)

    This program is meant for the very top athletes with only one goal in mind – to go to the CrossFit Games Regional Competition. This is a one-year commitment (that’s not a typo) and a tremendously advanced and competitive class with only a handful of spots available. It requires a formal application, a physical “try-out” and a screening process before you are accepted. You will exercise at separate times with your team in addition to being expected to complete the regular daily WODs. You’ll work harder than you ever have and are expected to put in a high-level of energy and commitment with your workouts, your diet and your mental toughness.

  • Private Coaching

    If you’re looking to improve upon one specific lift or movement, or want to focus on attaining a laser-focused goal, an individual session with one of our elite trainers is the best way to get started. We’ll craft a personalized approach to your goal and help you achieve the explosive results you’re looking for. We have a number of coaches available and we offer promotional rates when you reserve a package of five sessions.

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