Two Different Ways to Begin a Membership

Here at CrossFit 845 we do things a little differently than most gyms and even other CrossFits. Our #1 priority above everything else is your health, safety, and enjoyment of the program. We never throw someone into class without the proper training and we never sign people up for class without first teaching them how to move properly. If you’re interested in joining CrossFit 845, we offer a 100% free trial class and fitness assessment. Click here to reserve your free trial.

In order to maximize our members’ experience, we do require those with no previous CrossFit experience to complete one of our Fundamentals Programs. Read below for the options you’ll choose from.

Option 1: Private Coaching Sessions

Have you checked out a trial class and are excited to get started with us? If you’re ready to go then our first step is teaching you the proper movements to ensure you enjoy the class and do so safely.

Our first option is a block of five private coaching sessions as a one time purchase of $350. The sessions are done 1 on 1 between you and a coach, and can be done completely on your schedule. You tell us the days and times that work for you, and we’ll accommodate you. Individuals typically meet with a coach to do two or three sessions in a week and complete their block of five sessions in two weeks’ time.

We’ll teach you the basics as we emphasize proper technique. But don’t be fooled, this isn’t a homework assignment. You will absolutely get a complete workout on Day One. Once you complete your five private sessions we’ll make sure you feel comfortable starting with our regular classes. If you do, then you’re all set to join us!

The major benefit to completing our fundamentals program with a block of 5 sessions is that they operate year round. You can start any time you want, without ever having to wait for the next scheduled program.

Option 2: 6 Week Fitness Challenge

Do you think CrossFit “just isn’t for me?” Accept no substitutes and join the largest 6 Week Fitness Challenge in the Hudson Valley. We offer these challenges approximately twice a year and customize this program as an exciting introduction to CrossFit.

Our 6 week program is a one time purchase of $300 and operates in a small group class environment. You’ll learn the same movements as if you did our block of 5 private sessions, but it will be in class setting. Classes are held

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and you are only grouped with other beginners new to CrossFit, (or as we say, other “Challengers.”)

It’s perfect way to get in shape, master your nutrition, and enjoy your workouts. Our challenges are wildly popular and sell out every single time we offer them. We add elements of nutritional coaching, goal setting, and community support to help you take charge of your fitness once and for all.

Our next 6 Week Challenge is starting soon! If you’ve been waiting to join CrossFit or have been on our waiting list, now is the time!


No prior CrossFit experience required, this is great for beginners wanting to learn and progress.

$350 / 5 Private Coaching Sessions

At the moment we’re accepting new applicants for blocks of 5 Private Coaching Sessions.

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