💥PRIVATE TRAINING (most popular)💥

Our Private Training allows you to get started on your goals right away. The beauty about PT: it’s on your time dedicated to your goals. What we’ve found over the last decade is that in order to see real change, a prescription of 3 days/week is ideal. This is a perfect option for brand new members. We have multiple options for PT. Interested in pricing? CLICK HERE and we can get the discussion rolling.



The crux of our gym is found in our classes. This is where you will find an unbelievable community, the stories that you see on our social media, and the best hour of your day – guaranteed. Every workout will be different, every day. You will never become bored with our classes. We have multiple class options. But before you choose one, you must go through PT with one of our coaches to make sure you are safe. We don’t care if you know how to do certain things; it’s our job you don’t hurt yourself. Other gyms will throw you into classes; we refuse to do that. Check out our class prices HERE.



One of our most popular classes for a dialed-back version of CrossFit specific for anyone over 50 years old.  Absolutely NO experience required – only the will to reverse aging. Want to know when our next FO50 session will be? CLICK HERE and get your name on the list.


BRA SESSION (Women only)

Ok Ladies! This one’s for you and you only. This class is focused on developing a strong core, thighs, and glutes. Taught by a female trainer, the environment of the class is always upbeat and the rest of the ladies will make sure you are comfortable and fit in. Hey, we were all new at one point too! ßremember that.  JOIN US for a Bra Session



Instructor, and seasoned yogi, Michelle allows the CF845 family to “let go” of the stresses of their weekly routine and get into that zen mode. This class is focused on mobility, balance, and breathing techniques. A perfect complement to a demanding workout routine. COME RELAX with us.



These two demographics have been popular since opening our doors. We teach the young ones how to start moving properly, develop good posture, and learn how to socialize in groups. Unfortunately, our kids are on screens all day long. The idea of socialization and “playing” is a lost art. We are trying to reverse that through community and movement. Have your child TRY US OUT FOR FREE


Complete one of the options in our Fundamentals Program.