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Athlete Spotlight: Victoria Leon

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Everyone starts somewhere. It is the individual’s will and determination to keep going despite all challenges and bumps in the road that leads to successful accomplishments. Victoria Leon is an excellent example of this will and determination.  When she first started at CrossFit 845 making it to the curb and back (200m) was a struggle in a warm up.

Today Tori has accomplished things she never thought imaginable, including those milers in the middle of a WOD and her asthma symptoms have drastically decreased. While physical strength has improved so has her mental strength. I’ve witnessed Tori come out of her shell and exude a confidence that was hidden when she first started.


In Tori’s words, “Since starting CrossFit, it has impacted my work and my everyday life. I have an increase of energy.” Tori has just celebrated her one-year anniversary at CF845 and I am extremely eager to see what many more years bring to her success.

Written by Jess Maurer
CF Level 1 Trainer
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach