Membership Cancellation


1. All memberships at CrossFit 845 go month to month and are set to auto-renew. Should you wish to stop your membership for any reason, we make it simple for you. You must submit an email request to Please put "Membership Cancellation" in the subject line. As per the waiver and membership agreement you signed, we do require a five day cancellation notice in order to avoid billing for the following month. Should you submit a request to cancel your membership with less than five days notice, you will be invoiced for the following month. A copy of that agreement is included in paragraph 5 below.

2. If you decide to reactivate your membership in the future (and we hope you do!) membership rates in effect at the time of reactivation will be applicable as membership rates are subject to change. Email us at to start up again!

3. Only membership cancellations submitted in writing and emailed to will be accepted. We're happy to discuss options with you via other means however requests to stop your membership via phone, facebook, in person, morse code, carrier pigeon, or message in a bottle, will not be accepted. Only written requests submitted via email to will count as formal requests. Should a discrepancy arise, we will ask for documentation providing proof an email was sent and received. Don't forget to put "Membership Cancellation" in the subject line.

4. Remember we offer the benefit of receiving a FREE month of CrossFit! Stay and pay for 12 months in a row at our full price monthly membership and you'll receive the 13th month for free! If you stop your membership for anytime however, that does reset your 12 month time period. Should you come back after cancelling your membership, we'll be glad to have you! Though it does start the 12 months at zero. (So stay with us!)

5. The five day notice requirement is included in the waiver and membership agreement you signed. It states:
Payment Agreement and Five Day Notice:
I acknowledge that CrossFit memberships going "month to month" are setup on auto-renew and debited from my card or bank account on file each month, on the 1st of the month. Upon my membership existing in a month to month format, I acknowledge and accept that I am required to give CrossFit 845 at least five days notice should I wish my membership to not be renewed at the start of the following month. Should I give less than five calendar day notice, my membership shall be charged as usual on the first day of the month, and then CrossFit 845 shall end my automatic renewal. I understand that in months with 31 days, my request to stop my membership before the following month's charge must be sent no later than the 26th of the month. In months with 30 days, no later than the 25th of the month. In months with 28 or 29 days, no later than the 23 of the month. Request to cancel a membership must be submitted via the "Membership Cancellation" link on the CrossFit 845 website. Should a discrepancy exist, I acknowledge I shall be required to submit proof that documentation was submitted.