Don’t wish for it,
work for it

BURN – A Bootcamp Style Workout

A fast-paced 45 minute class, guaranteed to fire you up and make you sweat. Our “BURN” program is a high intensity, Bootcamp inspired workout with fewer technical movements and no barbells. The focus is on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), bodyweight, and core exercises that are fast and effective. Be prepared to sweat, have fun, and feel the “BURN!”

What to expect
  • Ignite your passion for fitness in a class with fewer technical movements and a high burst of quick cardio and ab workouts.
  • “BURN” is offered twice a week and is a fantastic way to kick-off a new fitness program.
  • There are no barbells used in the class, removing the need for training in some more technical lifts found in other CrossFit programs.
  • Build a strong core and killer abs in addition to mobility and recovery exercises.
  • Fast paced music, quick interval movements, and of course a ton of fun!


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