Reach the Next Level of Your Fitness

Olympic Weightlifting (Beginner’s & Advanced Levels)

We’ll help improve your technique and develop great strength and power. The focus will be on the following Olympic-style lifts: Snatch, Clean, Push-Press, Push-Jerk and Split-Jerk.

Whether you are a new, developing, or established lifter, we’ll help you learn to lift with efficient technique suited to your body. You will be paired with a coach in a small group class to refine your style through various accessory techniques.

Competitor’s Class

This program is meant for top athletes OR those looking to turn themselves into top athletes, who are ready and willing to push themselves far beyond that of a regular class. You’ll work harder than you ever have and are expected to put in a high-level of energy and commitment with your workouts, your diet and your mental toughness.


For the CrossFit athlete looking to take things to the next level, we’ve created “Barbell”. This is a higher level class meant for athletes who have been involved in CrossFit for a while and are comfortable executing movements at a higher level of weight and intensity.

This class includes heavy lifting (with a barbell) in every class across multiple lifts. It also includes a strong emphasis on gymnastic movements that may be seen as “too difficult” by some, such as hand-stand push-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups and muscle-ups.


Dependent on ability, dedication and desire to put in hard work.



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