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What’s Your Financial Breaking Point?

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Some interesting thoughts I’ve been having this week as I’ve been involved with some serious meetings with people and planning for the future of 845.
I’ve been curious all week as to: is there a monetary amount you place on the value of what you get inside your gym? And that goes for any gym, not just CF845. Is it $10, $100, $200, $500 a month?! At some point every one says, “okay that’s my ceiling.” The important factor for me is VALUE. And as a business owner I always factor in what the market dictates, but the CONSUMER (you) probably does not factor that in. Hence why it’s tough, but necessary to raise prices. Is there something you’d give up like cable, 4 Starbucks lattes a day, or your sexy smart phone to be able to afford the gym?
What else do you factor in when it comes to value? The obvious answer is: the effective workouts. But what about the relationships? Ever think about how many incredible people you’ve added to your daily text routine since joining your gym? Do you now text that person every day? Think about that and how they’ve affected your lives. Had you NOT joined the gym, chances are you’d never meet that person. You probably consider that person one of your closest friends now. But can you put a price on that person? Say your membership doubled… would that be grounds for not seeing your friend at your 4pm class every day? What if your membership increased $10, $25, $100?
What about the staff/trainers and the relationships you’ve built with them? What if your membership increased and you were forced to go back to the globo gym? Or is there a price you’d pay to keep the attention and structure of the trainers at your CrossFit gym, along with the relationships you’ve also built with them? You’re certainly not going to find the same attention at the globo gym, unless you pay for personal training which can start at a minimum of $75/hr.. and that’s a deal! What about the personality, the sense of humor, or perhaps how attracted you are to the coaching staff at your CrossFit gym? Would you give that up for tightening up your budget?
I can talk about the programs, variety of classes, amount of classes and class times, and amenities of the facility, but after almost a decade of CrossFit, it’s clear that relationships are what make the gym. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: A majority of my members don’t come to the gym to workout. <– #yeahisaidit. I’ve gotten some weird looks coupled with some seconds of silence after I’ve said that to people. But it’s honestly the truth. People experience realness at the gym with real conversations exposed beyond the comforts of their phone they are pinned to for the rest of the 23 hours in their day. And they are attracted to that notion of realness they experience at the gym on a daily basis. A good gauge for gym owners to see if they create an environment like no other is to start carefully watching individuals come in to their gym, and track how long they actually spend time inside the doors. Do they come in, workout, and then bolt out of there? Or do they come in early, bullshit, workout, stretch, bullshit some more, then “kind of” reluctantly leave?
But is there a financial breaking point for that value mentioned above? What’s that dollar amount for people? How much would they give up? Interested thoughts as CF845 is exponentially growing.


Dave Aisenstat is the Founder, Owner, and Head Coach at CrossFit 845.
@dstat on Instagram